Celebrate Earth Day with DisneyNature’s Monkey Kingdom [Review]

In Monkey Kingdom toque macaque monkeys

Special announcement: If you see Monkey Kingdom on its opening week, April 17 to 23, 2105, Conservation International will receive a donation to protect monkeys and other endangered species in the wild! I can’t help but love Disneynature. I’ve always been a supporter of protecting wild animals in their habitats. None of us wants to […]

Parenting a Child Who’s Being Bullied [Guest post by Amy Williams]

Bully movie poster

Parenting a child who is being bullied has to be one of the most difficult things a mother and father can experience. What can you say to your child to make it better?  How can you help them?  I am fortunate to have extraordinary blogger Amy Williams here to provide us with some invaluable insights […]

Serena, Get Hard, While We’re Young and Home movie sneak peeks

Home movie poster

Geetha’s back with your weekly movie sneak peek for what’s now playing at the movies! This week we have Serena, Get Hard, While We’re Young and Rihanna’s new animated Home movie. Check out these reviews to find out what’s worth seeing! Be sure to follow Geetha on Twitter here! HOME HOME is notable for being […]