Johnny Depp in Mortdecai

Geetha’s back to give you the lowdown on the flicks now playing! She has reviews of Johnny Depp’s latest, Mortdecai, plus J Lo’s The Boy Next Door and Jennifer Aniston’s Cake and the Jude Law drama Black Sea. Find out which is worth your hard-earned cash in her cool reviews! MORTDECAI After you see MORTDECAI, […]

Strange Magic review: Can an animated kids movie based on Shakespeare succeed?

Marianne and Roland, fairies in Strange Magic by George Lucas

In Strange Magic, we find George Lucas, one of the greatest creative minds of the twentieth century, attempting to bring the greatest literary mind of the Elizabethan era, Shakespeare, to the big screen in the most unusual way: through an animated kids’ movie. This has perhaps never been done successfully. For Lucas, Shakespeare’s fantasy fairy […]

AMERICAN SNIPER review by Geetha Stachowiak

American Sniper movie

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you see AMERICAN SNIPER. Grandpa Clint still has it, as evidenced by the racket his military action flick is making at the box office. It’s already earned an unprecedented (domestic!) $90.2M this weekend alone (after three weekends of limited release starting Christmas day), crushing everything else out […]

Paddington movie: A loving homage to a classic British character

Paddington bear in the new Paddington movie, seen here at Paddington station where he wears the tag reading, "Please look after this bear."

Paddington Bear has been a beloved part of childhood for several generations. I grew up with the sweet and loving bear who found his way to Paddington train station from “Darkest Peru” to have adventures in London, England. With the new Paddington film, I was concerned about a modern update to the gentle furry protagonist […]

Selma movie review by Geetha ~ Best movie for MLK weekend

Selma movie still

Director Ava Du Verney’s SELMA movie has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz of late, which, in my humble opinion, it deserves. David Oyelowo plays Dr. Martin Luther King, and focuses on the African-American right to vote in 1965. President Johnson and the Caucasian power mongers at the time were opposed, and, in order […]