The Best Animated Feature Film Oscar Nominees 2015: Reviews

Best Animated Feature Oscars 2015! A full list with reviews of all the animated features nominated for an Academy Award.

First I need to get this out of the way: there were many deserving films, but The Book of Life without a doubt deserved to be nominated for an Oscar. The exquisitely animated movie with a Day of the Dead theme was not a box office success and seems to have escaped critical acclaim as […]

Wild Tales, Gloria, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Duff reviews: Now playing!

Wild Tales movie portrays revenge at a Jewish wedding, one of a series of short tales.

We have Geetha’s weekly reviews, now live! Want to see an Oscar-nominated flick? Check out WILD TALES, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. Another foreign film, GLORIA, has received significant critical acclaim. Need something lighter (i.e., meaningless)? HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 is for you. Finally, THE DUFF is a cute teen comedy out this […]

Oscar Predictions 2015: Who will win an Academy Award? #Oscars

Oscar Predictions 2015 by Geetha 2

I’m thrilled to introduce Geetha’s Oscar predictions 2015! Check them out and be prepared to cast your vote…and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter here. It’s Oscar time! Yay! That time of the year when folks in Hollywood throw shade at each other in the hopes of downing the other person and winning questionable […]

Finally! Here comes the first Latina Disney princess Elena of Avalor

Princess Elena of Avalor debuting on Sofia the First on Disney Junior. She is the first Latina Disney princess

Disney is finally introducing a princess millions of little girls have been waiting for: a princess of Latina ethnicity. It has been a noticeable gap in the pantheon of movie star Disney princesses, and probably one that those same little girls of Hispanic origin may have found puzzling: why wasn’t there a Disney princess representing […]

10 easy ideas for a date night in

The Best of Me Blu Ray James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by The Best of Me and Fox Entertainment Insiders. #BestOfValentine It’s not always easy to schedule a date night. Between busy schedules and the kiddos running around, it’s normal to forget to do it. But it’s remarkable just how easy it can be to create a […]